Mr. Lid – Food storage containers

Do you struggle with your food storage containers? You can’t find a good place to keep them? You can’t figure out how to organize them? You can never find the right lid to pop onto the right container when you’re making your kids’ lunches and they’re screaming that they’re going to be late for school?

Reusable, disposable plastic containers have been a wonder of the modern kitchen. We use them to store leftovers, to keep fruit and vegetables fresh, to take lunch to work or school, and to help us with portion control.

But these containers are also a frustrating mess in the kitchen and a complicated puzzle of unmatched containers and lids. We struggle not only to organize them but to keep the containers with their matching lids. We have Tupperware, Ziploc, Gladware, Rubbermaid, all the plastic containers that promise to solve our organization and matching lid problems, but none of them work.

A Match Made in Mr. Lid’s Kitchen

Mr. Lid offers an actual solution through its attached lid design. Mr. Lid figured out a way to keep our plastic storage containers neat and our lids always perfectly matched: they connected the lid to the container. Now, you never need to waste time looking for the right lid or digging through your plastic containers to find that last matching set. With Mr. Lid, every container is already a matching set.

Mr. Lid has only become available with the recent developments in plastic technologies that created a safe and strong plastic, resistant to damage from repetitive use. The lid folds right onto the container, so it can’t run away or end up with another container.

Mr. Lid’s Desirable Qualities

Mr. Lid closes tight to keep your food fresh and prevent leaks. The lids seal perfectly to their matching containers because they were made for each other and cannot come apart.

The containers come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs: large containers for leftovers, medium ones for easy meal transportation, and smaller ones for snacks. Each container comes with measuring lines so you can figure out how much is in it or fill it to the desired amount.

These containers are designed to stack neatly on top of each other whether they are open or closed, keeping your food storage organized and accessible.

Mr. Lid is made out of BPA-free plastic that is safe to use in both the microwave and dishwasher. No need to wash these containers by hand, transfer food items to another dish for reheating, or worry about undesirable chemicals leaking into your food items. The plastic that Mr. Lid uses is as safe as it is strong, protecting you and your food from typical plastic container problems.

The Mr. Lid Offer

The basic Mr. Lid set comes with 8 four-cup containers, 8 two-cup containers, 8 one-cup containers and one deluxe container with a condiment cup.

Find your perfectly matched lid and plastic container set with Mr. Lid!

When you act now and enter the Mr. Lid  promo code “FREE” at checkout, you’ll not only receive two sets of these revolutionary products for an unbeatable price, you’ll get a “FREE” deluxe container with your order. Act now, use the promo code, and receive order your set of Mr. Lid products today!










This is a paid endorsement by Mr. Lid.


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